About therapy

Deciding to come to counselling is the first step. This can be a difficult decision – we tend to be quite good at minimising our problems or just hoping things will improve on their own – sometimes this is the case but sometimes it is not and ignoring the signs and symptoms that we are not coping can make matters worse.

Counselling offers a unique opportunity to step back and re-assess where we are in our lives. It helps us to recognise patterns of behaviour and ways of thinking and responding to events that are ingrained but may not be helpful. When we become more aware of where our difficulties lie, we are already in the process of bringing about change.

Theoretical training

The theoretical basis of my work is person-centred, based upon the core conditions of empathy, acceptance and congruence.
  • Empathy is about finding a way to understand your difficulties from your point of view without judgement or opinion.
  • Acceptance is about valuing who you are as an individual and appreciating your unique personal choices, beliefs, and cultural diversity.
  • Congruence is about transparency, about being willing to share my own experience of you within our relationship.

With these conditions in our relationship, they provide a sound basis in which you can experience the trust, acceptance and security needed to explore issues further. This way of working aims to enhance the self-awareness and self-knowledge you already possess so that you can harness your own strengths and qualities to bring about the changes you seek.